Depending on the requirements, we base the new development of web-based solutions on ASP.NET and C# or technologies such as Vue/Axios.

With technologies like JavaScript/TypeScript, Bootstrap and jQuery we develop modern and intuitive responsive interfaces for the browser.

The .NET Framework from Microsoft serves as the basis for most of our developments.

Windows services and classic programs are also developed on the basis of C#/.NET.

For the associated interfaces, the WPF, UWP or Xamarin is used, which enables very modern interface designs for various devices.

As database solution we rely on the Microsoft SQL Server. The integration into all programs and web applications based on .NET is therefore completely problem-free and very mature. Experience has shown that we can also address other databases if required.


If existing solutions are to be adapted, we can draw on many years of experience in a wide variety of areas.
From C++/MFC to C and back to Visual FoxPro we have already gained experience.

Of course we also support PHP/mySQL in the web-based area.


We rely to a large extent on Microsoft products for development. The most important tool is the Microsoft Visual Studio.

We often use the project management system Scrum in various forms to support our projects.